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  • National Shoe Fitting Week 25th March 2013

    The Society of Shoe Fitters has announced the launch of National Shoe Fitting Week, under the banner ‘Keep Feet ‘Fit’ on 25th March 2013. The aim is to raise national awareness of the importance of having footwear fitted, and the vital service independent shoe retailers provide to the public.

    In the week leading up to Easter week – a time traditionally when the media write about feet and footwear, and people discard their boots and start thinking shoes, sandals and holidays – we are all urged to start thinking about our feet and how we buy our shoes.

    Footwear is increasingly being treated as an accessory with growing sales of footwear on the internet and in supermarkets, but it is vitally important and the only item of clothing that can seriously damage your health in the long term.

    The Society’s Secretary, Laura West, states that many GP’s hours are wasted due to people with neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee and leg aches and pains, many of which have been brought about by ill-fitting and inappropriate footwear when they were young. Changing the way you walk to compensate for your footwear throws out numerous joints, and those joints in turn ‘wear’ incorrectly causing pain with arthritis, rheumatism etc., even migraine can be attributed to ill-fitting shoes.

    Online footwear purchase for children particularly is irresponsible as there is no standardisation of shoe sizing and no two pairs of feet are the same. Parents think they are doing the right thing having feet measured and then try to buy cheaper than the shop that measured them. What they don’t realise is that all gauges are calibrated differently and the size the gauge says is merely a starting point to a qualified or experienced shoe fitter.

    Parents need to take responsibility for their children’s health and well-being, and should worry less about supplying them with phones and computer games and more about their footwear. By self-fitting shoes, or buying cheaply made fashion items, they are creating all sorts of problems that may affect the future health of their children which are often irreversible.

    The Society of Shoe Fitters is concerned that the number of independent shoe shops will continue to decline, which will have a knock on effect for many of the footwear brands (both children and adults) that supply them and depend upon them as the main showroom for their goods. And, the more people are encouraged to shop online and fit their own children, the less likely they are to go to a quality shop and have their children’s shoes foot health assessed and shoes fitted correctly.

    We hope the public will show their support for ‘Keep Feet ‘Fit’ - National Shoe Fitting Week by supporting their local shoe shop – “use it or lose it” says Laura West.

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    • 1. Apr 9 2013 10:17AM by luke

      Baby will need shoes during his first years of life, but what types of shoes are appropriate? Is there anything wrong with booties and bare feet for little ones? Newborns do not necessarily require shoes. Booties or socks are an excellent idea for infants to keep feet and toes warm and cozy. In hot summer months, bare fet may be most comfortable for your baby.

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